About me

Hi, my name is Cyril Chhun and this is my academic website. I am currently a Ph.D student at Télécom Paris, working on Automatic Story Generation and Evaluation.

For all my non-academic content, you may want to visit my blog and my Obsidian vault.

My PhD so far

Recent advances in natural language processing have enabled language models to produce ever more realistic texts. In my PhD, I study the performance of state-of-the-art models at the task of Automatic Story Generation (ASG). In a first publication, we performed a meta-evaluation of ASG evaluation and, among other things, we showed that current systems remain significantly inferior to human writers w.r.t. a proposed set of specific ASG criteria (eg coherence, empathy, surprise), and current automatic metrics (eg BLEU, ROUGE) correlate poorly with those criteria. Thus, I am now seeking to design automatic metrics which are more relevant to ASG evaluation and strategies for improving the quality of generated stories w.r.t. to our ASG criteria.